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Kaltura launches new OTT TV app

September 12, 2016

Colin Mann @ IBC

Kaltura, a video technology provider, has announced the release of a new version of its MediaGo OTT TV user application for iOS/Android tablets, phones, web and connected devices, which is aligned with the latest design lines of the respective platforms. The company also added support for Amazon Fire and Android TV devices for its OTT platform. With MediaGo template applications, media companies can now launch full-blown OTT services quickly and on 10 devices from day one covering mobile, web, TVs and connected devices. Kaltura’s template leads the industry with its monetisation, time-shifted TV and personalization capabilities.

For its template mobile applications, Kaltura has introduced a new design, including: support for split view in iOS and moving background images; a better UX; and the ability to customize the app by changing logos and colours, and changing the look of the homepage.

In addition, Kaltura has expanded its support for connected TV devices. Kaltura will demo at IBC Amazon Fire and Android TV apps as part of the MediaGo template apps, which already include AppleTV, Roku, Xbox and five different connected TVs. In terms of functionality, the TV apps have been upgraded with the ability to replay live TV, as well as improved search and personalized recommendations based on users’ Facebook friends.

MediaGo lowers the OTT entry barrier, providing all OTT players with a bullet-proof solution built on decades of man years of experience in this space. It is available as a standalone template application, which lets media companies launch an OTT service quickly and with minimum customization, or as a set of APIs and a player SDK for developers. MediaGo supports a combination of business models (advertising, subscriptions, pay-per-view) and the suite of apps is offered for a low monthly fee.

The new template application also supports the latest release of the Kaltura video player and makes it easier for users to access free content and purchase subscriptions of standalone videos. The player also supports all major DRM technologies and download capabilities.

“When launching an OTT service, customers tell us that time to market and flexibility are key. Unfortunately the two don’t always go hand in hand. But with MediaGo, customers can launch a highly professional, robust OTT service with all the latest bells and whistles within a matter of a few short months, while also benefiting from Kaltura’s range of template designs and tools that add that all-important flexibility and customization,” commented Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Co-founder, Chairman and CEO.

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