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Netflix Spain first local production

September 12, 2016

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Streaming giant Netflix has made its first Spanish production, 7 años (‘7 years’), a 90-minute film that takes place in a single room over the course of one night.

Directed by Roger Gual and written by José Cabeza, it is to be released in 190 countries on October 28th.

This move comes soon after the president of media company Mediaset and of the industry association Uteca, Alejandro Echevarría, asked the Government to treat all broadcasters equally, no matter what platform they use.

“Technological neutrality should be accompanied by obligations, both economic and performance-related, and supervised by a regulating body,” he said at an association meeting. In particular, UTECA is urging the Administration to oblige Netflix to help finance Spain’s public broadcaster TVE and invest in film productions.

Currently, Private channels pay 3 per cent of their gross takings annually to TVE, while pay-TV operators chip in 1.5 per cent. On top of this, they are expected to pay another 5 per cent to finance movies, series or documentaries produced in Europe. This obligation applies to all channels that broadcast films less than seven years old.

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