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Cable industry supports “steady hand” of EU Commission

September 14, 2016

Cable Europe has welcomed the European Commission’s proposals laid out in its review of current Telecommunications legislation, calling the Commission’s approach a “steady hand”.

In its review of the legislation published today, the European Commission had four stated objectives: the access and take up of very high capacity connectivity; the promotion of competition; the promotion of the internal market by investment in networks; and the interests of the citizen.  The European cable industry is a key partner in delivering these ambitions, investing in high speed networks which can bring quality, affordability and choice to half of all European households.

Manuel Kohnstamm, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Liberty Global and President Cable Europe said: “The Commission presented a good balance with its proposal, acknowledging the pace of change in our industry whilst maintaining the regulatory stability essential for investment and innovation.  It shows a steady hand in strengthening the key policy principles that stimulate growth.  This is essential as we continue investments into our networks – pioneering quality, innovation and value and delivering a connected future for millions of European citizens.”

Matthias Kurth, Executive Chairman of Cable Europe added:  “Our industry thrives on infrastructure competition, and cable is the prime example of a challenger technology which stimulates market competition, driving quality up and keeping prices affordable.

“As we move forwards, working through the detail of these proposals in partnership with our Institutional colleagues, we will strive to ensure a technology neutral approach, and to minimise the regulatory burden on smaller players.”

The cable trade body also highlighted the importance of acknowledging the increasingly converged nature of the industry, as issues such as spectrum are discussed in greater detail.  “The investments made by the commercial sector are to the benefit of a widening range of infrastructures, and of course consumers are themselves inherently technology neutral” added Kurth.  “Our members seek above all the ability to invest confidently for the future with flexibility and vision.”

“When focussing on these very high capacity networks, the potential for many diverse technologies to increase their technical capabilities over time should also not be overlooked.  Our shared connectivity ambitions will be realised with the greatest speed and reach by drawing upon a true mix of technologies, offering a range of solutions as diverse as the society we’re serving.”

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