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US home broadband usage increasing

September 19, 2016

Today’s US consumers expect a world in which they always have high-speed access to anything they want, whether it be music, video, or basic information reports iGR, a market strategy consultancy. Internet and data access while both at home and on-the-go is inextricably woven into the personal, social and business fabric of modern life.

Not surprisingly, home broadband usage in the US is increasing, as US consumers continue to adopt OTT video services, as well as engage in social networking, video chatting and other basic web activities on their home Wi-Fi networks. Home broadband usage is important to mobile operators and the mobile industry because it is a precursor to outside-the-home usage: if a user gets accustomed to streaming video and music over an in-home Wi-Fi network, then that user is likely to stream the same content when they step outside the home.

“US consumers are increasingly using applications and services over the Internet connection in their home,” said Iain Gillott, president and founder of iGR. “iGR believes that quantifying these consumers’ home broadband usage is important for home broadband and mobile providers, as they both aim to provide quality data services.”

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