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Nielsen, Vision Critical partnership

September 22, 2016

Nielsen and Vision Critical, a cloud-based customer intelligence platform provider, have announced a strategic alliance that will enable clients to better understand their customers and build more authentic customer relationships.

The first of several planned future offerings is the connection of Nielsen’s currency-grade measurement data of what people watch and buy to insight communities powered by the Vision Critical platform, which help uncover and provide to marketers, product innovators and sales and business leaders quick and actionable consumer insights to support business decisions.

“We are excited about the opportunity to increase the ways in which we connect with consumers through our alliance with Vision Critical, whose consumer-centric approach to driving value with clients is a natural complement with Nielsen’s consumer-centric approach to measurement. Measurement and analytics each hold value, a value that is enhanced when the two are connected. Nielsen’s gold-standard approach to measurement helps clients measure performance and provides them the needed insights for crucial decision making. But analytics are also a key tool in this process, unlocking the reasons behind performance and determining next steps for improvement,” says Lynda Clarizio, President of US Media, Nielsen.

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