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Nokia accelerates transition of HFC nets

September 27, 2016

Nokia has announced its new Gainspeed product family for unified cable access, giving cable operators a faster, more cost-effective way to increase the capacity of their existing HFC networks and meet growing customer demand for greater bandwidth services.

Cable operators’ existing HFC networks – originally designed to carry broadcast analog video – are being overwhelmed by traffic from IP video, high-speed data services, gaming, file sharing, video conferencing, cloud computing and other business applications.  Collectively, these services are driving a 40-60 per cent average annual compound growth in data capacity requirements. To effectively address these growing bandwidth needs, cable operators must invest heavily in their existing HFC network and in new fibre networks to meet the required network performance levels.

Jeff White, head of business development and strategy for cable in Nokia’s Fixed Networks business group said: “The cable industry is at a crossroads and facing change at a level it has never seen before. The current way of building cable networks simply will not scale to meet the tidal wave of IP video and high-speed data demands faced by cable operators. We’re helping operators add capacity, greatly simplify the network operations and prepare for an all-fiber, all-IP network.”

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