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Witbe technologies selected by Médiamétrie

September 29, 2016

Live and time-shifted (catch up, VoD, SVoD, etc.) TV audience measurement is a major challenge for companies in the advertising market (broadcaster, content provider or advertiser). Médiamétrie – a specilaist in media research and TV, radio and Internet audience measurements in France – uses an innovative watermarking technique to measure the audience of any kind of linear and nonlinear TV programme. Based on the insertion of tags on the audio channels, this watermark (inaudible for the human ear) enables Médiamétrie to identify which channels are being watched and which TV programs are being played. To ensure the end-to-end availability and conformity of these watermarks, Médiamétrie has selected Witbe’s unique monitoring technologies.

State-of-the-art monitoring technologies for an optimized audience measurement

Witbe has a strong expertise in end-to-end monitoring projects, performed in real, live conditions, as well as a unique capacity to integrate Médiamétrie’s watermarking algorithms. Witbe has therefore been selected by Médiamétrie. Leading the QoE monitoring market for over 16 years, Witbe technologies have already enabled more than 300 clients (Operators and Broadcasters) to measure their video content availability and integrity. By making these technologies compatible with Médiamétrie watermarks detection, Witbe takes a step further and enters the advertising market.

“Thanks to Witbe Robots connected to consumer’s real STBs, we are able to efficiently monitor the availability and the integrity of the watermarks added by our customers in their live and time-shifted TV programs.” said Jérôme Méric, Director of R&D for Measurement Systems at Médiamétrie. He added: “Witbe dashboards enable us to share relevant KPIs with our clients, ensuring our services are as reliable as they are expected to be”.

“We are very happy that Médiamétrie selected Witbe to monitor their watermarking technologies. This initiative aligns perfectly with our OTT and Dynamic Ads Insertion monitoring technologies, already used by many of our customers” said Marie-Véronique Lacaze, Witbe’s CEO & President. “We are convinced End-to-End monitoring is key to the Dynamic Ads Insertion market, to offer a flawless quality of experience to the End-Users. It’s a new market that opens up for our technologies. Witbe definitely has a role to play to help its customers from the advertising market gain full control over the quality of their services”.

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