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Huawei unveils VideoSense management solution

September 30, 2016

Colin Mann @ Ultra-Broadband Forum

ICT solutions provider Huawei has released VideoSense, what it says is first video experience visualisation management solution, marking a shift from KPI-centric passive network Operations and Maintenance (O&M) to user experience-centric proactive network management. It is designed to deliver video experience with visualised, manageable, and optimisable features to help operators achieve business success in the video era.

According to Huawei, experience is of vital importance in the video era; consumers are willing to pay more for a better video experience. When it comes to video experience awareness, efficient O&M plays a pivotal role. Operators’ video services involve a video platform, distribution network, home network, and terminals. The traditional KPI-centric O&M fails to perceive users’ video experience in a proactive way and lacks the capability of preventing group faults. As a result, video O&M has become a big challenge for operators looking to deploy video services.

Huawei Video Sense solution aims to provide proactive management on video experience from the perspectives of experience visualization, network optimisation, and proactive O&M, enabling operators to improve their video experience guarantee capability.

“The increasing maturity of the Ultra-high-definition (UHD) video industry brings more and more opportunities for operators to provision video services. Managing and maintaining video experience for large-scale user deployment has become a common challenge for most operators,” said He Yibo, Vice-President of Huawei Network Product Line. “The network is the backbone of the experience, while Operation, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) provides guaranteed levels of experience. Huawei VideoSense solution will enable operators to shift their focus from pipelines to experience and from passive O&M to proactive management. This allows operators to build experience-centric differentiated competitive edges.”

The Huawei VideoSense solution has been already been deployed with operators, such as with China Mobile in its Shandong branch. Huawei says it is committed to a proactive involvement in 4K networks, research on network transmission technologies and video experience guarantee.

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