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India’s FreeDish targets 250 DTH channels

October 6, 2016

By Chris Forrester

India’s FreeDish DTH platform is now carrying 104 channels thanks to the adoption of MPEG-4 transmission.  The previous total was 80 channels.  Public broadcaster Doordarshan coordinates the FreeDish offering, and says the target is to keep adding free channels up to about 250 services.

Viewers need a Conditional Access card, in order to comply with India’s rules on addressable boxes, and the extra channels – over the ‘basic’ 80 – can only be watched with suitable MPEG-4 boxes equipped with India’s CA system.

The FreeDish platform has a variety of channels comprising 22 Doordarshan channels, India’s two parliamentary channels, seven general entertainment and music channels each, 18 movie channels, 13 news channels and three religious channels among others.

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