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Ukraine still has 6 Russian channels

October 7, 2016

By Chris Forrester

Ukraine’s national telecoms regulator, TVR says that there are still six Russian-language channels on air, despite the government’s attempts to limit the activities of Russian television in the country.

Sergey Kostinsky, a member of the regulation body, said that the desire to limit Russian channels was because they did not want to carry out their activities according to Ukrainian law.

The cull of Russian channels has been considerable. Some 76 channels have had their previous permits to broadcast cancelled in the past two years.  The missing channels include flagship broadcasters such as Channel 1 (The First Channel), RTR-Planeta, NTV World, Russia Today (RT), NTV and others.

The freed-up spectrum has seen 13 new all-Ukrainian channels appear. Poland has also benefitted with new channels coming from Kino Polska Muzyka International, Kino Polska International, TVP Polonia, ТVP Info, ТVP Historia and ТVP Кultura.

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