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MPAA identifies most notorious pirate markets

October 11, 2016

By Colin Mann

The MPAA has formally submitted comments to the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) identifying some of the world’s most notorious markets for the distribution of infringing film and television content. According to Anissa Brennan, Senior Vice President, International Affairs and Trade Policy, the filing is a sobering reminder of the scope and scale of global content theft.

In a blog post, Brennan says the American film and television industry remains one of the most competitive in the world, consistently generating a positive balance of trade. In 2014, the industry contributed $16.3 billion in audiovisual services exports and infused $121 billion in wages into the US economy. The MPAA continuously works to protect consumers and support creators while helping the US economy thrive.

“The economic and cultural vitality of the creative industries is one of our nation’s most valuable assets,” she declares. “The notorious markets highlighted in this filing are an immediate threat to the vitality of our industry, and, importantly legitimate global commerce. MPAA fully supports USTR’s effort to identify the world’s most notorious markets and appreciates USTR’s ongoing efforts to protect intellectual property.”

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