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Sony reveals non-gaming VR content

October 12, 2016

A Sony blog post has revealed a raft of non-gaming VR content that will be available to use through its PlayStation headset, which launches globally on October 13th.

Referring to the content as “virtual reality experiences and video services”, the downloadable apps and titles include:

Littlestar VR Cinema – Plug into the leading entertainment network dedicated exclusively to virtual reality, 360 degree video and fully immersive experiences, featuring  content from channels like ABC, Showtime, Discovery, Nat Geo, A+E, Disney and more.

Harmonix Music VR – Which enables users to unlock the virtual reality potential of their music collection and see theirr favourite songs in incredible new ways. Users can add their chosen tunes to a USB stick, plug into theirr PS4 and let Harmonix Music VR conjure a unique visual projection to fit the rhythm – including a transforming alien beach, a psychedelic kaleidoscope, an artistic 3D canvas and an intense VR dance party.

Vrideo – a hub featuring a host of VR channels and streamed video from a diverse range of categories and trending content.

Within – Discover the finest VR storytelling from a range of creators within a single app, from tales of imagination to incisive documentaries.

Kismet – Transports uers to a magical realm using the mystic arts of tarot and astrology, brought to life in a handmade, Gothic style.

Other content includes explorations titles including David Attenborough’s First Life VR, Atomic Ghost Fleet and Cocos Shark Island, exclusive VR movie Allumette, and Invasion (starring Ethan Hawke) which allows the user to play a part in an alien invasion movie.

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