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TDG: Google Wifi well positioned

October 13, 2016

Last week Google announced a slate of new hardware solutions, among them Google Wifi, a modular home networking solution designed to meet the expanding needs of today’s broadband home. The idea is to provide scalable, integrated Wi-Fi at the highest quality possible regardless of location in the home. TDG views this as the right approach at the right time.

“Whole-home networks were available 15 years ago, but they required professional installation, were cost prohibitive, and their capabilities far exceeded mainstream usage models,” notes Michael Greeson, Co-Founder and Director of Research at TDG. “At that time Internet-connected devices were limited to personal computers, primarily desktops, and LAN traffic consisted of Word documents and Excel files sent over Ethernet. Wi-Fi and LAN video were unproven.”

Today’s broadband home, says Greeson, looks a bit different, with the number of video-capable screens now approaching eight per household. This includes televisions, computers, tablets, and smartphones.

“As TDG first predicted nearly 13 years ago, broadband has become a household utility, with home networks integral to its functionality. Today these technologies define the digital architecture of 21st century home, a reality not lost on Google,” Greeson concluded.

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