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Alchimie releases new Watch-It!

October 14, 2016

Alchimie, a specialist in Europe’s programme distribution and monetisation market, has announced the release of the new version of Watch-It!, its video and TV production app. The app aims to act as a bridge between rights-holders and creators who want to offer their content to qualified audiences in return for remuneration, and consumers who want access to specialised, high-quality content that is often unavailable on other platforms.

Watch-It! is the new digital video platform available on every type of device, which offers subscribers access to an extensive array of audiovisual content that is often not readily available in the mainstream media. Watch-It! offers aficionados dedicated channels about their areas of interests as well as a range of original content.

Nicolas d’Hueppe, CEO of Alchimie, commented: “This new version of Watch-It! significantly enriches our platform’s offer. We aim to provide a new space where independent producers who create quality content and meet the demands of a specific audience can express themselves and seek exposure. Thanks to Watch-It! this “niche” content finally has a space where it can meet its audience. It offers producers a real opportunity to earn money from their creations. Watch-It! gives the more “traditional” TV channels access to new audiences via another distribution channel. Watch-It! aims to become the OTT platform for the general public which offers affordable prices for the consumer, visibility for content that isn’t readily available in the traditional media, and fair remuneration for creators and producers.”

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