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Magine TV Superhighway opens 35 markets for new partners

October 14, 2016

Magine has secured partnerships with three key content providers. Partnerships with beIN, the international media group and owner of MIRAMAX; Yaddo, the new documentary streaming service; and Africa XP, a content distributor and themed channel creator have activated Magine’s TV Superhighway in over 35 markets.

Magine’s TV Superhighway aims to fully democratise content distribution, providing a global network of content providers and distributors, liberated from geographical limitations; enabling ambitious content owners to quickly access and monetise new markets and audiences anywhere in the world.

The TV Superhighway empowers content creators, allowing them to utilise Magine’s cloud technology, distribution network, and industry expertise to choose which market to enter when and how. This new approach to content distribution opens up channels for broadcast producers, giving them the opportunity to tap into Magine’s technology and distribution network and decide where, when and which content is available in each market, with real time data analytics available throughout the process.

Ambuj Goyal, CEO of Magine comments: “Our recently announced partnerships with beIN and Yaddo mark significant proof points in Magine’s development of the ‘TV Superhighway’, and we’re looking forward to introducing our unique opportunity to new content partners with global ambitions.”

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