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Hisense, Foxxum extend strategic partnership

October 17, 2016

Working together closely since 2012 on an exclusive basis for Western Europe, high-tech specialist Hisense and Foxxum, a player in Smart TV solutions, have built up a successful Smart TV platform for the Hisense brand in this entire area. In order for Hisense to take advantage of this platform outside of Western Europe the contract between the two companies has now been expanded to a worldwide scope.

It includes Hisense branded products as well as White Label Products manufactured by Hisense. The contract will continue at least until 2019 with ongoing renewal options and now covers 15 more countries: Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine.

At the same time Foxxum has managed to further improve content discovery for the users, by integrating an even easier structure, new categories, additional content sources and a highly sophisticated search.

“Thanks to our partnership with Foxxum we have set a benchmark for Smart TV platforms in Western Europe. And we are very happy about signing Foxxum as our Smart TV service provider of choice for another long term period and to bring our Smart TV platform offer to all our customers worldwide”, explains Dr. Charlie Wang, CTO at Hisense.

“We are proud of playing such an important part within the Hisense Smart TV success story leaving our footprint with users all over Western Europe. By supporting the expansion of the Hisense Smart TV platform solution worldwide we are ready to accompany Hisense on their way to continuously gain market share”, says Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum.

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