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Spain: Pay-TV penetration nears 40%

October 21, 2016

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Pay-TV continues to increase in popularity in Spain with 38.4 per cent of households now subscribing to a service. Almost four out of ten homes have pay TV with an ARPU of €22.3 a month, according to a survey from the Ontsi, the Spanish Telecomunnications Observatory.

The main platform for pay-TV is ADSL and optic fibre with a penetration of 41.9 and 39.6 per cent, respectively, followed by cable and satellite with 13.4 per cent and 10 per cent.

Almost a third of homes in Spain (26.6 per cent) have access to a convergent offer composed of mobile telephony (98 per cent), fixed telephony (85.2 per cent), broadband Internet (76.1 per cent) and pay-TV (38.4 per cent).

In the first quarter of 2016, total revenues in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) amounted to €3.095 billion, with a 46.9 per cent corresponding to mobile telephony, 20 per cent to Internet and fixed telephony and 12.6 per cent to pay TV.

The average spent per home is €68.2 a month, out of them €16.8 for fixed telephony, €32.7 for mobile telephony, €22.3 for pay-TV and €17.4 for the Internet.

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