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BuzzRights content protection tool launched

October 25, 2016

By Colin Mann

Next-generation and creator-first digital media company BuzzMyVideos has launched multi-platform copyright protection tool BuzzRights, which enables online video creators to protect their content on both YouTube and Facebook.

According to the company, with an ever-increasing number of emerging social platforms and ongoing shift in industry focus to video, the need to protect creators’ IP and copyright cross-platform continues to grow in importance. To meet this need, BuzzMyVideos says the tool will enable creators to protect their content (and assert their rights more generally) on Facebook as well as YouTube. All BuzzMyVideos creators will now have access to this intuitive tool via their BuzzMyVideos Dashboard.

The launch sees BuzzMyVideos expand its copyright protections service offering. Creators can now nominate infringing videos and set an ongoing policy for future matches, by submitting a short form via BuzzRights, which then activates a copyright infringement investigation on their behalf and supplies real-time progress reporting and updates.

According to BuzzMyVideos, the tool makes the process easier for the creators and gives them new opportunities to protect their content on multiple platforms. BuzzMyVideos has already generated millions of aggregated ‘matched’ views on Facebook via the 1,500 videos processed during the initial beta test.

“Video content is becoming a more prominent part of social sharing and digital strategy,” commented Bengu Atamer, Co-founder and COO of BuzzMyVideos. “This creates a challenge for online video creators and content owners to monitor and protect their rights and to ensure more shares and engagement on their original content. At BuzzMyVideos, our goal is to enable and ease multi-platform content distribution and syndication for content creators, while making sure to protect and manage their rights. Therefore, we’re delighted to offer BuzzRights to all our video creators, in order to help them securely syndicate content cross-platform while managing rights as they want, when they want.”

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