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Italian video advertising 30% up in 2016

October 25, 2016

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

The OTT and VoD Video Advertising market in Italy will grow above 30 per cent this year, representing one fourth of total online advertising, according to figures published by Interactive Advertising Bureau Italia.

This compares to 2015, when the Video Advertising market was worth €364 million (+25 per cent on 2014) and accounted for 21 per cent of total investments.

Audiweb data reveals a growth of the Digital Audience (+9.1 per cent in two years), particularly on Mobile Devices (+24 per cent).

In terms of content, video platforms are registering increased interest, while TV content on mobile devices grew at a rate of 40 per cent over the past year. Videos are accessed 77 per cent (+24.5 per cent over last year) on Mobile Devices and in 23 per cent of the cases on PCs or desktops.

Figures from IAB Europe indicate that the digital market in Europe was worth €36.4 billion in 2015, beating for the first time the TV market, with video advertising used by 90 per cent of operators.

On the content front, news and sports channels are those that have the most video advertisements.

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