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IBM brings Watson to Cloud Video

October 26, 2016

IBM has unveiled new Watson-powered cognitive services for its Cloud Video technology that are designed to transform how organisations unlock data-rich insights for video content and audiences. The new services can help deliver differentiated, personalised viewing experiences for consumers.

Digital video is a booming area for content but remains largely untapped for insights as part of the more than 80 percent of data in the world that’s unstructured, making it difficult to process. Applying cognitive technology is believed to be a critical next step for mining and analysing the complex data in video so companies can better understand and deliver the content consumers want.

“Companies are creating video with vast amounts of valuable data, but they don’t have a way to easily identify that information or audience reaction to it,” said Braxton Jarratt, general manager, IBM Cloud Video. “Today’s new services are a major step forward in using IBM’s cognitive and cloud capabilities to help companies unlock meaningful information about their videos and viewers so they can create and curate more personalised content that matters to specific audiences.”

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