80th anniversary of world’s 1st continual broadcast

At 3pm on November 2nd 1936 the BBC launched the nation’s first regular TV service from Alexandra Palace. The single channel, regular television service has continued relatively uninterrupted (apart from War) to the modern day. Snell Advanced Media (SAM) believes television is now experiencing a similar revolution.

Tim Thorsteinson, CEO at SAM, commented: “80 years on from the first television broadcast in the UK, picture quality has improved, programmes are now much better produced and television now reaches a global audience of millions on every continent. That said, we are now in a similar period of fundamental change within the media industry. Viewing habits are shifting, with the levels of content being consumed over the internet starting to match that of viewing traditional televisions, while 4k and HDR is set to revolutionise the quality and realism of programmes in homes and cinemas. Broadcasters should take note of the pioneering spirit of the BBC in 1936 and ensure they leverage these new technologies effectively, to continue delivering a superior viewing experience. This will be crucial to winning and retaining a greater share of eye-balls in this changing media landscape.”

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