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Virgin launches 4G network

November 7, 2016

Virgin Media has launched its first 4G tariffs, the last major UK network to offer high-speed mobile Internet plans.

Addressing the delay, a Virgin Media told the BBC: “We wanted to make sure we launched 4G properly and wanted to do something different from our competitors. That difference is zero-rating WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger so that customers can send as many messages, photos and videos as they wish, without using up their monthly data allowance.

Virgin Media said the tariffs respected new EU net neutrality regulations, designed to ensure that all data is treated equally, regardless of its content.  “Neither the EU net neutrality regulations nor the subsequent Berec guidelines prohibit the zero rating of services,” the company said.  “This offer does not result in any blocking or throttling of content, and there is no prioritisation of WhatsApp or Messenger traffic.”  It added that customers would be charged £2 a day if they used up their data allowance and continued to access online services, including the two messaging apps.

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