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VICE Media launches VICE Indonesia

November 8, 2016

VICE Media has announced a major market expansion into Indonesia, the world’s fourth largest nation. VICE will launch a full-scale operation in Indonesia, producing local content and creative agency services to reach the skyrocketing young population of over 100 million people in the country. In addition, VICE today announced multi-platform partnerships with Jawa Pos TV and Google that will bring linear and digital programming to the country. Content will be available in both English and Indonesian.

Young people aged 18-34 comprise 50 percent of Indonesia’s overall population. In the country, mobile, linear and digital markets have grown so expansively that there are more mobile phones than people, and the average person spends five hours on the internet every day. This demonstrated thirst for multi-platform content opens the door for VICE to fill the void and reach young people on whatever platform they consume content.

To date in Asia, VICE has operated out of Japan, China and South Korea, and last month the company launched branded VICELAND blocks, which will eventually become 24-hour VICELAND channels, in 18 Southeast Asian territories, including Indonesia, through a partnership with local media powerhouse MultiChannels Asia. Partnerships with DOCOMO Digital and AbemaTV have also brought original VICE content to mobile and digital platforms across Japan. In the coming months, VICE will launch full-scale offices in India and the Middle East.

Building upon this growth in Asia, VICE Indonesia, which is based in Jakarta, will bring VICE’s award winning content to a young audience that is consuming mobile, digital and linear content at a staggering pace. VICE Indonesia will be at the forefront of content production in the country, creating and distributing local and international programming that appeals to the enormous young population. By working with young Indonesian talent and producers, editors, shooters and creatives, the content will maintain VICE’s distinct voice and satisfy the appetite for uniquely intimate content focused on culture, food, music, technology, sports and more.

Through the partnership with Jawa Pos TV, a leading news television network in Indonesia, VICE News Tonight, VICE’s recently launched daily news show on HBO, will air every night on Jawa Pos TV in a primetime slot. Select VICELAND programming will also air on the network during primetime. Jawa Pos TV significantly expanded its reach earlier this year, and with infrastructure and other upgrades underway, will soon reach over 150 million people in Indonesia. As the company continues to expand its footprint in Southeast Asia, this partnership will bring VICE’s distinct, youth-oriented content to a growing market of young viewers in the region.

“With Indonesia’s massive young audience increasingly consuming video content across all screens, launching VICE here is a no brainer,” said VICE Co-President James Schwab. “Combining our award-winning global content with content produced locally in Indonesia, both digitally and on TV through partnerships with Jawa Pos TV, Google and MultiChannels Asia, enables us to reach as many young people as possible, whenever and wherever they are consuming content.”

“It’s been a truly life changing experience to bring VICE to Indonesia, a country I love and call home,” said Mo Morris, Managing Director of VICE Indonesia. “We will aim to produce some of the most unique content Southeast Asia has ever seen. Indonesia is a great fit for VICE, a beautiful, turbulent, and progressive country with an engaged young audience hungry for a media company that speaks their own language. By partnering with Jawa Pos TV and Google, we will be able to meet young people on whichever screen they are consuming content.”

“Indonesia is the perfect environment for VICE,” said Ardyan M Erlangga, Managing Editor, VICE Indonesia. “The country is a diverse, complicated, and incredibly exciting place that is full of under-covered stories, unique characters, and young people hungry for compelling content. We will bring these stories to life with the best young talent locally, telling some of the world’s most important stories to the rest of the region and world.”

“Jawa Pos TV is very excited to partner with VICE and VICELAND,” said Maesa Samola, CEO of Jawa Pos. “I am constantly fascinated by the VICE point of view and unique stand in the media world, and thrilled that VICE’s content is now available to experience through our very own Jawa Pos TV.”

Along with VICE Indonesia launch partner Google, VICE will create digital content powered by the world’s most prolific search tool. Utilizing VICE’s unique lens and local talent, SEARCHLIGHT will showcase youth culture and nightlife across Indonesia to a global digital audience. Through a series of videos, stories and social events, SEARCHLIGHT will take viewers into unknown stories of Indonesian urban life, and expand VICE’s presence into Indonesia’s digital market.

VICE’s expansion into Indonesia comes on the heels of a major global expansion for VICE and VICELAND. In June, VICE unveiled an expansive slate of international deals that, within the next year, will make its multi-screen programming available to audiences in over 50 new territories in Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East and India. In total, VICE’s award winning multi-platform programming will be available in over 80 territories.

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