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Dolby family retains major holding in Dolby Labs

November 9, 2016

By Chris Forrester

The family of the late Ray Dolby (who died in September 2013) still retain a significant stake in the specialist noise reduction and audio/video technology company, Dolby Labs. The latest sale by the family was of 100,000 shares on August 11th, at $49.62 a share (and worth $4.96 million).

Despite disposing of several million shares in Dolby Labs over the past few years, the various holdings centred around the Dagmar Dolby Trust (Dagmar Dolby is Ray’s widow) revealed in a Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) filing on November 7th that the Trusts held 46.95 million shares valued at some $2.2 billion.

Dolby Labs share price stood at some $47 earlier this week. Dolby Labs issued its latest quarterly earnings data on October 26th. The company reported revenues of $233 million for the quarter.

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