LG ‘rollable’ OLED TV screens for 2017?

At IBC in September electronics giant LG demonstrated a giant 130-inch ‘rollable’ TV screen that was barely 1 mm ‘thin’. The screen was displayed as if it could be rolled away into the ceiling just like a home projector cinema screen, although in fact the screen comprised four separate 65” screens stitched electronically together.

There are now numerous reports suggesting that LG could start shipping its highly futuristic OLED displays in versions that could be stuck to the wall like wallpaper onto a magnetic mat which is pre-fixed to the wall. The WiFi Alliance’s ‘flatpanelshd’ web-site has listed a number of what appears to be LG’s upcoming 2017 models along with the Alliance’s certification dates.

Technology observers will be watching with interest what appears at January’s CES in Las Vegas.

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