ASBU names Intelsat as ‘best operator’

The Arab States Broadcasting Union, at a ceremony in Dubai, named Intelsat as its ‘Satellite Operator of the Year’.

Nominees were judged by a panel of experts across the MENA region on their work toward improving communications in the Middle East and North Africa and the lives of the people living there. Intelsat, as well as other operators in the region, enable voice communication, provide Internet access to fibre-lacking areas and give access to education or healthcare to those in remote locations.

“This award recognises Intelsat’s continuing leadership as the innovator in space-based communications. In 2016, Intelsat delivered on the promise of high throughput satellite (HTS) technology when it launched the first two satellites in the Intelsat Epic network, providing immediate benefits to users,” said Shahrokh Khanzadeh-Amiri, MD/MENA at Intelsat. “The launches established Intelsat as the first operator to implement a backward-compatible, open architecture HTS platform. Intelsat Epic will support the growth of telecom operators, service providers and media organisations with higher performance, improved economics and simplified access.”

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