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Wochit predicts more broadcaster/social media partnerships

November 23, 2016

twitter2Dror Ginzberg, CEO and co-founder of short-form social video creation platform Wochit, has shared his five top predictions for digital video in 2017:

  1. Streaming video companies like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon will look more and more like production studios or even OTT providers. This evolution is now both driven by and a driver of consumer cord cutting.
  1. More broadcasters/networks will partner with social platforms.  Much like Twitter is becoming the go-to for live sports streaming, other platforms will carve out vertical niches.
  1. The “platformisation” of videos will bring about new/different video formats as de-facto standards for specific distribution points. As Facebook’s muted autoplay drove a move to text-heavy videos and Snapchat made vertical video mainstream, more platforms will promote unique styles as a way to set themselves apart.
  1. Publishers and brands will add executive-level roles specifically to handle video. The increasingly complex and fragmented media landscape combined with the importance of video strategy will bring about positions such as Chief Video Strategist.
  1. Cross-platform measurement will improve, but monetisation will still be an issue.  In a similar way that 2016 brought about optimisation and automation tools to better address the plurality of platforms and each’s unique parameters, we’ll see emergence of tools that can measure activity across those distribution points.


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