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Open Source VR platform launches on Steam

November 24, 2016

The co-founders of Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR), the largest open source virtual reality consortium in the world, have announced an update for Steam that provides support for OSVR content on the digital gaming distribution platform. The news means that universal VR content is now accessible through a single point of distribution.

“This is a great milestone for VR, giving users access to more hardware and content and driving Valve’s and OSVR’s shared vision of totally open VR content to everyone,” commented Christopher Mitchell, OSVR Lead, Razer.

“OSVR makes it easy for game developers to support hundreds of devices and for hardware vendors to tap into top-notch content,” says Yuval Boger, CEO of Sensics. “OSVR content on Steam makes it easier than ever to distribute and obtain OSVR-compatible content.”

“We are delighted to announce support for OSVR titles,” added Valve’s Augusta Butlin. “Steam is an open platform for all developers, and adding support for OSVR further expands the massive content offerings for the millions of gamers on Steam.”

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