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BBC launches daily vertical video news

November 28, 2016

The BBC has launched a new vertical video experience in its News app.  Users can swipe through a curated list of ‘videos of the day’, to get an up-to-date summary of the day’s news in an easy-to-consume and engaging format.

All content is created specifically with smartphone users in mind: the videos are succinct and sharply edited, designed to be viewed vertically in full screen, and have subtitles. In addition the app will debut new vertical interstitial ad formats.

James Montgomery, Digital Development Director for BBC News said: “Video remains the medium in which much of our best journalism is told, but the storytelling needs to be re-thought for mobile. The key to success is the combination of relevance and reward: videos that are not only great to watch, but which are offered in formats that are optimised for smartphones.

“We know that mobile users check their phones frequently but don’t have time to stay for long. In many cases, this is on their morning commute and again at home in the evening when they want to catch up on the day. The new index helps them find the best videos quickly, and presents it to them in a digestible and finite package.”

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