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TDC, Nokia increase Danish broadband speeds

November 28, 2016

Danish Telecommunications provider TDC Group and Nokia are upgrading the Danish broadband network to deliver ultra-broadband speeds, new service bundles and a renewed customer experience to citizens and enterprises across the country. This ultra-broadband fixed network is a step towards realising the digital society TDC Group is aiming for, connecting people throughout the country, building smart cities and helping businesses grow. It will bring faster upload and download speeds, a better IPTV experience, and faster and more efficient cloud services for businesses.

In order to deliver these ultra-broadband speeds, TDC Group is rolling out VDSL2 35b Vplus technology, building further on its existing VDSL2 Vectoring network. This technology is a perfect match for operators who need to deliver the highest possible speeds in a cost-effective way on medium-length loops. Moving from VDSL2 17a (vectoring) to VDSL2 35b (Vplus) requires only a simple upgrade to the existing Nokia DSLAMs and can be done seamlessly and quickly.

Peter Trier Schleidt, COO, at TDC Group, commented: “We have a clear ambition to offer the best connections to the Danes. Regardless of where its subscribers live, TDC Group offers a mobile, broadband and TV solution. We want to do even better, particularly for rural areas, and therefore we are very pleased that  Vplus technology lets us use our old copper connections in new ways to benefit our customers. We expect many customers to experience a clear improvement in their broadband speeds and entertainment offerings when we roll out Vplus technology.”


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