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Hitron CODA-45 modem earns Cablelabs DOCSIS 3.1 certification

November 29, 2016

Hitron Technologies, the DOCSIS consumer premises equipment (CPE) manufacturer in North America, announced today that its CODA-45 modem, powered by the Intel Puma 7 chipset, has received its DOCSIS 3.1 certification from Cablelabs. This is the world’s first certification for any modem powered by the Intel Puma 7 chipset, the latest in an extensive history of certification firsts for Hitron products.

The CODA-45, Hitron’s first certified device of their new “CODA” multi-gigabit CPE family, is built on Intel’s advanced system on chip (SOC) providing superior processing power combined with low power consumption.

“Our CODA modem with this state-of-the-art Intel chipset is the perfect choice for service providers who want to leverage their investments in DOCSIS 3.1 infrastructure, improve network efficiency and scalability, as well as meet consumers’ expectations for faster broadband networks. We are proud of earning another first-to-market certification,” said Patrick Chiu, President, Hitron Americas & Europe business unit.

This certified model is capable of up to 5Gbps downstream over multi-carrier OFDM channels bonded with 32 single-carrier QAM channels and up to 1Gbps upstream throughput via DOCSIS 3.1.  The two GigE ports deliver 1.97Gbps to the customers home. With this hardware and performance, broadband providers can meet their customer’s demand for bandwidth intensive media and OTT data content as well as enable expanded services in the home. The CODA is an intelligent device that enhances its basic data transmission features with IPv6 support.

Other CODA benefits include:

  • Backward compatibility to DOCSIS 3.0 technology
  • Consumer installation capability
  • Extensive operator control via configuration file and simple network management protocol (SNMP)

The CODA-45 has been sampled to and evaluated by most of North Americas’ major operators

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