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Intelsat shares rocket

November 29, 2016

The satellite investment community has seemingly decided that shares in Intelsat are worth money. After a couple of years of depressed share prices, November 28th saw a massive 10.32 per cent jump in value to $4.17.  The volume of shares changing hands was more than double a normal day’s activity.

Indeed, the last three trading days saw Intelsat’s share price rise from $3.27 (midday November 22nd) to a ‘high’ of $4.22 on November 28th.  This means that since October 12th, when Intelsat’s share price was just $2.45, savvy investors have seen a significant rise in the company’s market capitalisation to $452 million.

The recovery was helped by a positive report on November 23rd which suggested that Intelsat’s revenue picture will improve as 2017 rolls out, and helped by the increased availability of its ‘Epic’ fleet which deliver a higher throughput of data capacity. The company has also shown that despite carrying some $15 billion of debt, it is steadily refinancing that debt at more attractive interest rates.

Additionally, Intelsat reported an improving picture as far as Governmental/Military business demand was concerned, and with most observers seeing 2017 as a year of recovery for the satellite operator.

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