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Xmas TV ads have minimal impact on shoppers

December 5, 2016

john-lewis-xmasChristmas TV adverts may help brands receive a vast amount of YouTube views, but they have almost no impact on where the vast majority of consumers do their shopping.

A survey of 11,500 consumers by shopping comparison website has revealed that just 1 per cent said the adverts had a “big impact” on where they did their Christmas shopping, while 2 per cent said it had “an impact”. One in 10 said the festive adverts had a “rare impact” on them and may have subtly influenced them once or twice, but a massive 69 per cent said they had no impact whatsoever.

Somewhat depressingly for the industry, 6 per cent said they liked some of the adverts but could never remember who they were for, while 9 per cent said they were “turned off” by the adverts and deliberately avoided the stores responsible for them.

“It’s good to know that consumers are not falling for the marketing hype of Christmas adverts and are not changing their shopping habits just because they think a particular dog, robin or even carrot is cute” commented’s deals editor, Gary Caffell. “People are clearly just seeing these multimillion-pound adverts as a bit of festive entertainment which is great, as retailers will do whatever they can to get consumers to spend their hard-earned cash.”

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