Advanced Television

Wazee Digital launches Media Hub

December 7, 2016

Wazee Digital, a provider of cloud-native video management and licensing services, has announced the launch of Wazee Digital Media Hub, a centralised, web-based system that allows host broadcasters to capture live moments and make them immediately available for global highlights, publishing, and syndication as the event is happening.

“During live events, properties need to be able to distribute iconic moments to various stakeholders in real time in order to boost coverage of the event and share content. But for partners, the process of acquiring the content is inefficient at best, and access and distribution are hampered by the need for media credentials. That’s why we created Digital Media Hub,” said Mike Arthur, vice president of sports and live events at Wazee Digital. “Its value lies in its ability to capture content once and share it with many. Whether you’re granting access to internal stakeholders, global broadcast partners, or corporate sponsors, Digital Media Hub provides a single avenue for hosts to secure and distribute their content in a process that’s easier for everyone. This combination of functionality is not available anywhere else.”

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