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Europe: 15% trust their ISP for smart home services

December 12, 2016

Parks Associates research shows 10-15 per cent of broadband households in the UK, France, Germany, and Spain would trust their broadband service provider for smart home products or services, roughly the same levels who would trust other channels such as retailers or security dealers.

The IoT research firm notes that with this level playing field in consumer trust, telcos have ample opportunity to move consumer opinions and increase market share in the early European smart home market.

“A number of smart home products are capturing the attention of the public, and telcos must integrate those ‘hero’ devices into their offerings to capitalise on their popularity,” said Erik Overbeeke, European Research Associate, Parks Associates. “Entry of formidable players such as Google, Amazon, and Apple into entertainment, content, and smart home services raises the bar for telcos, driving them to present leading-edge technologies to their customers. European telcos are uniquely qualified to surround their offerings with aggressive marketing, testing, installation, and technical support – elements required for reaching untapped markets.”

The international IoT research firm notes that Europe, which does not have the extensive home security market that exists in the US, has additional barriers to the adoption of smart home products.

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