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Zenterio acquires Adscribe

December 13, 2016

Zenterio, a TV technology and services provider, has acquired the remaining 75 per cent of UK based ad-tech and analytics company Adscribe. The acquisition follows the initial investment plan that was drawn up when Zenterio became a minority owner in Adscribe, at that time acquiring 25 per cent of the UK based ad-tech and analytics company.

“We are very excited to strengthen our relationship with Zenterio. Our goal is to help operators effectively measure and monetise their platforms. Access to Zenterio’s customers and partners gives us a global reach that would be difficult to achieve in isolation, and with our products already deeply integrated into the Zenterio OS, we can allow operators to make money more quickly”, says Donal O’Connor, CEO of Adscribe.

By collecting, analysing and breaking down consumer data into key insights, TV operators will be able to get to know their subscribers in a whole new way. They will also have the opportunity of monetising that knowledge, as well as adding new services and more relevant content and ads that will increase customer loyalty.

“We are confident that the investment in their analytics software and advertising proposition will help create additional value for the pay TV operator. The Adscribe solutions provide TV operators with the data driven insights that they need to be able to offer an improved consumer experience”, says Jorgen Nilsson, CEO of Zenterio.

Data analytics and interactive advertising are areas of the TV industry where there is a major business opportunity as it is currently underdeveloped and lacks the measurability that advertisers have grown accustomed to.

“Having a dedicated team with extensive marketing and TV advertising experience together with their proprietary data analytics and advertising solutions gives us yet another way to enter into new customer relationships independently of Zenterio OS. Providing the data analytics and advertising solutions as separate entities also means that the sales cycle will be much shorter”, concludes Jorgen Nilsson, CEO of Zenterio.

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