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23% choose provider on content search experience

December 14, 2016

Viewers are spending too long on searching for good content, according to consumer research commissioned by Piksel, a specialist in building successful online video businesses. The study, conducted by Censuswide, found that consumers spend an average of 16 minutes searching for content and when they don’t find anything, the majority will look elsewhere. Choosing multiple options, half would change the channel, 19 per cent would change providers, and 38 per cent would switch off entirely.

Tying into discovery is the use of recommendations, something that viewers don’t think their service providers are very good at. In fact, 41 per cent of users surveyed think suggestions made by broadcasters and OTT providers are hit and miss, while only 16 per cent say that are accurate.

A further 49 per cent of viewers said they were at a loss to how search and discovery could be improved in its current state. However, 69 per cent of viewers do think that being able to search by theme, emotion, character personality or action, could be used to improve the process.

The research also highlighted the importance of search and discovery. A key finding for service providers is that 23 per cent of respondents said their choice of content provider is based on the quality of their search and discovery experiences.

Fabrice Hamaide, President, Piksel said: “In an increasingly competitive market, broadcasters and content providers are being challenged to attract more viewers, get them engaged and keep them entertained for longer. The foundation for this, aside from having high quality content, is the customer experience. This means making sure viewers can find what they want to watch quickly and easily, and are able to watch it wherever they may be.

“What this research is showing is that there is the appetite for improved content search methods, as well as for better, more accurate recommendations from their providers on what to watch. More and more this is where metadata tools come in and can help organisations streamline those processes and ultimately deliver relevant, targeted content that will keep audiences engaged for longer.”

The research was conducted by independent survey specialist Censuswide. The sample of 2,207 respondents was interviewed online in the UK and US, in November 2016.

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