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Amazon Fire redesigned with 4K interface

December 16, 2016

By Chris Forrester

Amazon Fire TV user-interface has been completely redesigned to make finding what to watch next fast, easy and enjoyable. The new UI offers video trailers and content screenshots right on the home screen to help customers quickly access the content they want — without the need to open and close apps.

The new look directly affects 4K viewing. Amazon says its new home screen shows off prominent featured content via a cinematic feature rotator in the top half of the screen. Through the rotator, customers can see large, detailed images of new or current shows alongside content trailers from Amazon Video, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and others—directly from the home screen. Customers can scroll through up to seven different options on the feature rotator at any time, and click directly through to any content or app that catches their eye.

Accessibility improvements also allow customers with visual or hearing impairments to get more enjoyment out of Fire TV, with enhanced functionality through the VoiceView screen reader.

New rows allow customers stay within a couple of clicks of the content and apps that matter to them. Instead of only recent apps appearing, customers can create a customisable apps list by pinning their content to a new ‘My Apps & Games’ row, which is permanently fixed on the home page for easy access.

The new Fire TV is available for the Fire TV with 4K now, and will be available for Fire TV Stick and the first generation Fire TV in early 2017.

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