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Limelight reports 66% increase in UK network traffic

December 16, 2016

call-of-dutyLimelight Networks, a specialist in digital content delivery, has announced that several Internet events in mid-December, including popular video game releases and software downloads, drove record traffic levels for the company.

The convergence of these events resulted in Limelight exceeding 2015 peak traffic levels by 28 per cent and surpassing the previous global traffic record set in June by more than 12 per cent. The UK alone saw an increase of 66 per cent over previous record traffic levels.

In anticipation of growing capacity demands, Limelight has been expanding network capacity to ensure consumers can download what they want, when they want, even in the face of significant online congestion.

Demand for video game, software and movie releases periodically drives very high traffic demand. Limelight’s ability to manage traffic during these traffic spikes has continued to improve due to the investments the company has made.

“We’re constantly investing in and expanding our network to support increased traffic demands of our customers and have doubled our capacity since January. Despite this growth in capacity and traffic, we experienced 37 per cent fewer support incidents over the same period. Prioritising our customers’ experience and our focus on the content delivery business has allowed us to improve performance at a disproportionate rate compared to our competitors,” said Dan Carney, Senior Vice President of Operations at Limelight. “We’re very pleased with our peak performance and are always looking for ways to further improve the delivery of customer content. Based on customer feedback and third party data, our performance, feature set, availability and capacity is better than ever.”

The higher propensity for consumers around the globe to download digital content is supported by Limelight’s 2016 State of Digital Download research report. The report found that nearly half (45 per cent) of consumers are more likely to download digital content of all types than they were a year ago. New and updated apps top the list with 91 per cent, followed by OS updates with 87 per cent of people downloading updates, followed closely by music and video games.

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