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VideoAmp predictions for digital advertising 2017

December 20, 2016

Jay Prasad, Chief Business Officer at VideoAmp, the Total Video platform for the TV and video ecosystem, has outlined 4 industry predictions for 2017:

1. Mobile Video + OTT (CPI) Becomes a Brand Medium

No longer just for game and app downloads, large brands will begin incorporating Cost Per Install (CPI) or Cost Per Action (CPA) metrics within their attribution model. Mobile provides the unique ability to drive immediate user actions. In 2017, brands will utilise CPI metrics to formulate implantation strategies and contribute to overall campaign impact.

Video within app experiences can tell brand stories while creating calls to action in a way that other mediums can’t match. When you combine the reach of mobile apps with data that can be connected to a device graph, mobile video with CPI takes on new strategic value to advertisers. More brands will create app content to engage their customers and continue the trend of brands becoming publishers.

  1. Advanced TV Becomes Properly Defined

Advanced TV Advertising becomes defined by the users and advertisers. Brands want to be able to buy TV and other screens using their own data, allowing them to reach customers with more precise uses of creative on the appropriate screen. Audiences have better viewing experiences with advertising frequency management and relevant messaging.

  1. Programmatic Gets Creative

Creative agencies will fully embrace programmatic opportunities, developing scalable solutions that utilise machine learning to tailor creative delivered to more precise audiences. Data isn’t just for targeting anymore, it will spur a creative revolution to create the right type of ad experience by screen type, as well as for unique environments (like SnapChat).

This is important. Let’s not call it programmatic only — it’s cross-channel programmatic. That way we can take into account automation as well as screen and format. Again, video for Snapchat stories is different than ESPN mobile vs. an FEP slot.

  1. Pay TV Operators and TV Programmers Break Down Walls

To keep up with fast changing video viewing trends via apps on mobile devices and OTT platforms, the traditional powers in TV will start to package their programming for advertisers in a screen agnostic fashion, spurring widespread use of their first party audience data to make these deals programmatic. That is the best way for advertisers to buy this type of inventory, as traditional measurement has not kept pace. Linear TV ratings decline, and are having an unfair negative impact on programmers and operators — going omni with data gives them control of their destiny.

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