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India’s ‘inactive’ pay-TV subs rise 5.4%

January 3, 2017

By Chris Forrester

India’s officially recognised (by regulator TRAI) DTH active pay-TV subscribers grew in the summer quarter (July-September 2016) by 1.4 million (2.31 per cent) to an impressive 61.9 million.

That’s all good news. But the bad news is that India’s ‘inactive’ subscribers grew at a faster rate, by 2.68 million to 32.71 million (a 5.41 per cent increase). These are subscribers who – for whatever reason – have paused or cancelled, or not paid their fees, and are thus ‘inactive’ but for less than 120 days.

However, TRAI recognises that viewers ‘churn’ back in, with many re-establishing their subscriptions and so also supply the overall total of DTH boxes supplied by the industry as having grown overall by 3.36 per cent to 91.53 million.

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