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ThinkAnalytics previews ThinkMarketing platform at CES

January 6, 2017

At CES 2017, ThinkAnalytics continues its leadership as the most advanced TV and video search and recommendations company as it previews ThinkMarketing, a suite of marketing-oriented dashboards and consoles that are integrated with the ThinkAnalytics Search and Recommendations Engine and ThinkBigData.

ThinkMarketing gives pay-TV operators and OTT players a unified view of the performance of campaigns and KPIs and an integrated platform from which to manage its recommendations, analytics and editorial programmes.

For the first time, marketing teams can drive search and recommendations using real time results to make updates on-the-fly to viewer interaction and UI across all devices and platforms.

By building these actionable insights in real time, customers can inject greater flexibility and agility into their marketing and campaign programs and better meet their KPIs and meet business goals – for example, driving up ARPU, increasing subscriber engagement and loyalty.

Depending on the impact of A/B tests and scenarios, users simply drag and drop assets to fine-tune the mix of promotions and recommendations, the level of personalisation and the viewers’ UI.

“With many video service providers still running their editorial campaigns using Excel spreadsheets, we see a huge opportunity for businesses to benefit from an integrated platform that provides a 360-degree view of how campaigns impact viewer behaviour and makes it easy for editorial teams to act on that insight,” said Peter Docherty, founder and CTO of ThinkAnalytics.

“Technology has neglected the creative input of video and TV editorial teams for too long. We are now bringing the power of analytics into the marketing department,” he added.

ThinkMarketing includes:

ThinkEditorial – this campaign management system has an easy to use interface that lets editorial and marketing teams quickly and easily create, modify, manage and publish editorial/curated carousels, campaigns and lists via search and drag and drop.  If the reaction to the latest James Bond promotion falls flat, for example, it can quickly be replaced with the latest Disney movie. It also includes features such as optional blackout periods, descriptions and rules based on a number of conditions that can be combined such as time-zones, language, age, time of day, targeting specific customer segments. With traffic-light colour coding, editors can see at a glance the status of assets and active, expired and pending campaigns.

ThinkConsole – this dashboard makes it easy to modify the viewers’ UI, based on the results of the A/B testing or other new viewer interactions without needing to enlist the help of the IT team and without making changes to other systems in the end-to-end solution. The full comprehensive range of techniques and UI use cases that are available in the ThinkAnalytics platform, including editorial promotions, popular movies, personalization, etc, can be easily created, modified, moved around and managed from this central dashboard.

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