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Canal+ kicks off UHD Ligue 1 football

January 12, 2017

By Colin Mann

France’s Canal+ Group is to broadcast a match in Ultra HD from the country’s leading football league – Ligue 1 – from the end of January at 21hrs and every Sunday thereafter. The first such fixture is PSG-Monaco on January 29.

Canal+ has decided to launch production of matches in Ligue 1 in collaboration with governing body the Ligue de Football Professionnel. The agreement between the pair sees them share a common goal of developing the quality and attractiveness of Ligue 1. Accordingly, Canal+ has developed its production expertise as much on camera positions as well as shots of on and off-pitch action. Canal+ says that UHD will offer subscribers an exceptional image quality and will revolutionise the football experience on TV.

“With the ongoing work on the audiovisual coverage of Ligue 1, we are delighted to be able to broadcast the PSG/Monaco match in Ultra HD,” declared Thierry Cheleman, Director of Sport at the Canal+ Group. “I’d particularly like to thank Nathalie Boy de la Tour [LFP President] and Didier Quillot [Executive DG of the LFP] who have allowed Canal+ to launch this technical innovation. Broadcasting matches in Ultra HD is going to offer our subscribers an immersive experience and new sensations.

“We have worked for several months on integrating the benefits of Ultra HD to put our subscribers right in the stadium from their own living room, better than in the Presidential Box, with all the editorial enhancements,” advised François-Charles Bideaux, Director of Sport Production at Canal+ Group. “The increased resolution will allow subscribers to choose what they watch, as though they were in the stadium,” he added.

“Audiovisual production is one of the LFP’s priority projects,” stated Quillot. “As part of our fruitful collaboration with Thierry Cheleman’s production teams, we are pleased to be able to offer Canal+ subscribers a new technological innovation in order to experience Ligue 1 better. “We are eually pleased to be able to offer this new experience to our International broadcasters and to offer our fans abroad the best of production at the service of Ligue 1”

Canal+ says this new development reaffirms its leading position of enabling its subscribers to experience a new and ever-more spectacular TV experience.


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