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New Verimatrix bulk decryption capabilities from Inca Networks

January 12, 2017

Inca Networks, the Intelligent Video Delivery company, has announced new features that enable video operators using Verimatrix scrambling to securely deliver video across their network, decode entire channel line-ups at the network edge and convert them to a variety of IP or legacy RF video formats.  This unique and flexible product enables operators to conveniently and affordably pursue opportunities in hospitality, MDU, school campus, nursing home, hospital, and wholesale applications.

Video operators can deploy the flexible and modular Tangram chassis and cards to receive and decrypt up to 128 unique 4K, HD or SD Verimatrix scrambled video services and then output them as any combination of IP, ASI, digital QAM or modulated analog CATV.

“Historically IPTV operators have not had a good technical solution to affordably deliver Verimatrix encrypted services to wholesale partners, MDUs, schools and hospitality accounts,” says Jeff Campbell, CEO, Inca Networks.

The Verimatrix bulk decryption function has been in production deployment with a variety of operators in North America since the summer of 2016 and is now available for general release effective immediately.

“Tangram changes the game and makes it easy to deliver services anywhere on the network in IP or legacy RF output formats,” added Campbell.  “In addition to IP streaming, Tangram offers output modules for ASI, clear or encrypted QAM and modulated analogue RF – ensuring operators can take advantage of every revenue opportunity in their serving area.”

The Tangram GT41 IP processing module can support up to 128 unique services to a total bandwidth of 850 Megabits per second, handling even the most complex HD lineups.  Conversion of video streams from Verimatrix to LG Pro:Idiom or Samsung Lynk encryption for digital CATV hospitality applications is also supported, ensuring the end-to-end security of premium content in hotels and resorts.

“Verimatrix is pleased to have Inca and the WISI Tangram product line as part of the Verimatrix eco-system,” said Steve Oetegenn, President, Verimatrix. “Our global reach and presence in the content security market, combined with the extensive interface options and modularity of the WISI Tangram product, ensure that our customers can continue to secure and grow their business.”

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