Ownzones launches Zypline workflow tool

Ownzones Media Network (OMN), a global provider of technology and media solutions, has announced the launch of Zypline, a proprietary media asset management and distribution platform for the OTT market.

With its distribution workflow vetted by top OTT and cable providers worldwide, Zypline simplifies and automates the process of optimising and delivering content to the large and growing universe of OTT content platforms. Supported platforms include Roku, Hulu, Verizon, Comcast, LeTV and more than a dozen other top OTT services.

“Zypline unlocks the value of media companies’ vast content libraries, allowing them to bring hundreds or even thousands of titles to a broad range of top OTT platforms with a minimum of effort,” said OMN founder and CEO Dan Goman.  “As consumers accelerate their move away from traditional entertainment platforms to a variety of OTT options, having the ability to effectively distribute content to this highly fragmented market has become increasingly important.  With Zypline, media companies can now keep up.”

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