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Kantar Millward Brown, TV Optik partnership

February 2, 2017

Audience measurement and data management platform Tru Optik, built for OTT TV, is expanding its capabilities through a partnership with global research agency Kantar Millward Brown, which specialises in ad effectiveness and media research. The partnership will enable advertisers to attribute brand sales to OTT ad campaigns through Tru Optik’s recently-released OTT Marketing Cloud. Cross-device OTT ad exposure data will be anonymously matched to purchase data available through Kantar Millward Brown’s proprietary Ignite Network to link ad exposure to sales impact.

Many marketers believe OTT will revolutionise TV advertising, enabling efficient and dynamic one-to-one consumer targeting across screens. With consumer adoption of OTT now mainstreaming – 65 percent of US homes now own connected TV (CTV) devices to consume OTT content on living room screens – advertisers are seeking ways to prove the effectiveness of this channel.

Kantar Millward Brown, through its Ignite Network of data partnerships, has access to purchase data for more than a dozen industries across tens of millions of US households leveraging a variety of data sources, including credit card transactions, loyalty card data from leading retailers, and point-of-sale records. Sales linkages are available for industries including Automotive, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Pharma, Consumer Electronics, Retail, Travel, Hospitality and Entertainment.

“Even though consumers are streaming more television than ever before, brands have been challenged to measure the ROI of their CTV / OTT ad spend, leaving them hesitant to shift dollars to this medium,” said Andre Swanston, CEO and co-founder of Tru Optik. “By connecting Kantar Millward Brown’s large-scale panel to our OTT Marketing Cloud, we have removed this barrier and can now provide brands access to true, deterministic campaign attribution that accounts for exposure across all OTT screens.”

“Kantar Millward Brown brings a critical piece to the overall puzzle for advertisers that want to take advantage of the fastest growing advertising medium in the US, but need to track ROI for brands that are mainly sold through brick and mortar channels,” commented Swanston.” Using Tru Optik’s comprehensive OTT platform, it’s now possible for those brands to anonymously identify the households they want to target, manage delivery to those households across a campaign, and directly tie campaign exposure to sales.”

“Brands, today, are looking to take advantage of CTV to reach the audiences that are leading the migration to OTT viewing, including millennials, affluent households, and multicultural consumers,” said Ken Greenberg, Vice President of Partnerships at Kantar Millward Brown. “The Tru Optik partnership will provide real value to marketers by providing a means to determine OTT ad impact and justify ad spend on this now mainstream platform.”

“What’s really compelling about our partnership with Kantar Millward Brown is that it makes the full potential of OTT advertising available to more marketers,” said David Wiesenfeld, Tru Optik Chief Strategist. “The ability for advertisers to establish a clear link to sales was always the promise of OTT, and now it’s the reality.”

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