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Dish India launches Project Liberty

February 10, 2017

By Chris Forrester

Dish TV, India’s largest DTH operator, is linking with set-top box manufacturer Ali Corp to launch its Liberty project.

The Liberty project is based on Ali Corp’s system-on-a-chip technology to provide next-generation performance, security, and flexibility while remaining cost-effective for the India market. The aim of the project is to enhance subscriber experience and provide value-added services to expand Dish TV’s market share and a revenue stream increase in the near future.

India is the largest DTH market in the world based on the number of subscribers. According to statistics in 2016, the DTH subscriber number reached approximately 65 million in India. Since the introduction of the first DTH service in 2003 by Dish TV, the market has experienced exponential growth through multiple digitalisation phases.

“Throughout Phase 1 and Phase 2, four metropolitan areas of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata had gone digital in 2012. In Phase 3, most of the urban areas in India had gone digital and completed the analogue switch off process. As Phase 4 is around the corner, [we] are looking forward to the opportunity targeting at the households in rural areas and thus the whole country will be digitalised,” said a joint statement.

For operators to stay ahead of the game, chipset technology plays a significant role in their capability to supply value-added yet secured services that will help them establish a wider subscriber base by offering enriched viewing experience.

“Dish TV serves over 14 million subscribers by 2016, leading the Indian DTH market,” said VK Gupta, COO, Dish TV. “To maintain our market leadership and prepare for future opportunities, we implemented Ali Corp’s SoC solution to launch the Liberty project, which will improve our DTH operations.

“Ali Corp. has a proven track record in delivering high-performing and competitive STB chipset solutions,” said Tony Chang, COO of Ali Corp. “The Dish TV deployment of [our system] further signifies recognition on our global achievements in helping partners go through ASO and digitalisation processes. We are confident to offer innovative and revolutionary features and services to Indian views and we will fully support Dish TV in their expansion.”

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