RAI sees major drop in TV licence fee evasion

Evasion of the TV licence of Italian state broadcaster RAI has fallen dramatically from 30 per cent to 4 per cent since the fee was inserted into electricity bills from early 2016.

According to the head of Italy’s Inland Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate), Rosella Orlandi, the introduction of a combined TV licence fee and electricity bill has worked even better than expected. In fact, tax authorities received an extra €500 million from the RAI TV licence fee compared to 2015, for a total revenue of €2.1 billion.

This despite the fact that the value of the TV licence fee was reduced in the period from €113.50 to €100 per year.

An estimated 21 million households paid the combined TV licence fee/electricity bill.

Users must pay the licence fee if they own one or more TV sets capable of receiving an audio/video signal via terrestrial and/or satellite devices. The payment does not apply to computers without TV tuners and old analogue TVs.

Italy had the highest evasion figure in Europe, despite having the lowest-priced TV licence fee.

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