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UHD Alliance: ‘HDR a key driver’

February 13, 2017

By Colin Mann

Members of trade body the UHD Alliance, meeting at European Broadcasting Union (EBU) headquarters in Geneva recently to assess the current status of the UHD market, have noted that HDR (High Dynamic Range) has emerged as one of the key drivers for sales of UHD devices.

“Ours is a unique organisation, with all of the key players and influencers of the end-to-end media chain represented,” commented UHD Alliance chairman Hanno Basse. “As a global industry association, our role is to help educate both consumers and content producers on what a UHD HDR experience is and should be.” He emphasised that ensuring a consistent experience across devices and ecosystems will be central to the success of HDR. “The UHD Alliance will take a leading role in setting the benchmark,” he confirmed.

Adi Kouadio, who coordinates the EBU’s strategic programme on UHDTV (BeyondHD), stressed the importance of the clearly perceptible advanced experience that UHD with HDR delivers for audiences. “Interoperability and open standards are crucial for Public Service Media organisations,” noted Kouadio. “And while the EBU is focused heavily on these issues, of equal importance is ensuring that the whole viewing experience is demonstrably better. The UHD Alliance’s work is critical in achieving this latter goal,” he stated.

The UHD Alliance was created with the consumer in mind. It provides information on premium UHD devices and content to deliver best-in-class home entertainment. It is also focused on helping consumers identify the in-home and mobile products and content that deliver a truly-differentiated UHD HDR experience to consumers. The ‘ULTRA HD Premium’ logo enables manufacturers and content creators to clearly mark products so can easily identify them in-store.

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