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Telestream Vantage Ingest Manager introduced in EMEA, APAC and LatAm regions

February 16, 2017

Telestream, a provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, has announced the introduction of Vantage Ingest Manager. The software-based system streamlines content handling for broadcasters and cable operators.  It provides a complete set of tools that enable personnel in any department to ingest, review, approve, transcode and reconcile inventory versus required media to make sure content is ready for air when needed.

Telestream reports that Ingest Manager can achieve significant reductions in core broadcast complexity by improving content processing time and reducing errors.  This means fewer misplaced or “bad” files and much more efficient content approval workflows – all managed from a Vantage content database. Significantly, Ingest Manager reduces both the complexity of these workflows and their dependence on technical engineering staff to support them. The system manages varying formats from different origination points. It matches metadata to appropriate workflows and end-points and it provides review and trim user interfaces for multi-department content management.

Ingest Manager empowers non-engineering staff to quickly identify and locate missing content. Employing a purpose-designed “Dublist Portal” the system shows up-to-date status of incoming file availability. And being based on Telestream’s Vantage platform brings maximum performance and scalability: Ingest Manager operates seamlessly on both CPU and Telestream Lightspeed platforms.

Key Ingest Manager features and facilities include:

A File Upload Portal, which includes all the files needed to set up an IIS upload site for files up to 2GB in size, while Aspera Enterprise can be used for files larger than 2GB.

Vantage Analysis Pro for analyzing incoming files for resolution, audio characteristics, and hundreds of other parameters.

Customizable Catch Server Action for ingesting media and sidecar files.

Vantage Metadata for transforming XML files, creating or populating metadata labels, and performing Web Services notification.

Five Workflow Portal licenses, which are customizable user interfaces for viewing, trimming, managing metadata, and approving content for further operations.

Dublist Monitor, which is an intuitive easy-to-use portal for identifying missing content quickly.

“Our mission at Telestream is to provide our customers with the production tools they need to prepare content for distribution on any platform at minimum cost and hassle,” said Paul Turner, Vice President, Enterprise Product Management at Telestream. “Ingest Manager allows for non-complex workflows that manage incoming media and metadata files separately, at different times, and then match up the files to present users with information about found and missing content pairs.”

Vantage Ingest Manager is only for sale in the EMEA, APAC and Latin America regions. The product is available immediately with a price of $19,995.

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